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Strategies Up To Date As Of November 2020



  • New to Amazon or just launching your first product and need a step-by-step success guide?


  • Running an established business with a team that needs training?


  • Looking for a few fresh strategies that will take you to the next level?



How Our Conversion Strategies 


Our strategies will help you increase your conversion rate, which increases your sales revenues, which increases your organic page rankings, which increases your advertising ROI, and thus increases your BOTTOM LINE!

Our Conversion Strategies Help You:

  • Create listings that make customers want to buy

  • Make small tweaks that cause big impact

  • Become more competitive in your niche

  • Continually improve your Amazon presence

Which Allows You To:

  • Acquire more customers and scale with ease

  • Increase your sales and profitability

  • Get your product from zero to profitable

  • Your revenue climb after a sales plateau

  • Push your sales to the next level

  • Experience even higher levels of Amazon success

We’ve talked with 1,000’s of companies and have never seen a perfect listing that wasn’t missing at least one of our conversion strategies!​

Who You Are, What You Need & HOW WE CAN HELP!

Our years of experience with Amazon Sellers has helped up understand exactly what you need at each stage of growing your business. That's why we provide strategies that can be applied no matter where your business is.


Over the years the courses have gotten a bad reputation, and rightfully so! While some do have helpful information, for the most part you look at them once or twice, promise yourself you'll finish them in a week or two, and then all but forget about them! Be honest, you probably have a couple on your to do list right now!





What's In It FOR YOU?

Our Growth Strategy Accelerator is chock full of strategies and extras that make waiting to purchase a detriment to your bottom line! Don't waste one more second without these revenue boosting strategies and add-ons.




  • Get our In-Depth, 9 Module, Amazon Growth Strategy Training program.

  • Plug-in the Exact Conversion Strategies we implement daily for our 7-figure and 8-figure full-service clients

  • Use our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training videos which document the step-by-step processes needed for each growth strategy.

  • Each module is so clear and easy to implement, anyone on your team can follow them from your virtual assistant overseas to your whether it is a virtual assistant overseas or chief marketing officer. Feel confident Handing Them Off To Your Team.

  • Enjoy Lifetime Strategy Updates as we keep the Accelerator up-to-date as Amazon grows and changes so you don't have to worry.

THE ROUNDTABLE TRAINING VAULT - Lifetime Access ($3,383 Value)

  • Access to our Collection of Trainings Call Recordings dating from October 2018 to February 2020.

  • Topics Include: How to hire your first team members, Creating marketing inserts that connect with your customers, Making cheap and effective videos for Amazon and beyond, and much more! 

THE 90-Day Conversion Optimization Roadmap - Lifetime Access ($247 Value)

  • Plan Out your conversion optimization strategy and share it easily with your team.

  • Never Forget another growth related task again.

  • Use The Same Template that our Amazon Experts use to keep track of our full-service clients' growth tasks.

  • Track frequency, assign ownership and See How Well Your Team Is Keeping Up with the growth tasks you need to continue scaling your business!

BONUS 1: ROUNDTABLE GROUP COACHING 3 Month Membership ($300 Value)

  • Stay on the Cutting Edge of Amazon with two group training sessions per month.

  • Ask Your Questions About The Accelerator Modules or any other Amazon topics and hear what others are asking during our Q&A time.

  • Invite as many of your team members as you'd like to the calls and we'll help Train Them For You!

  • Access to our Roundtable Group Coaching Portal which includes access to the Roundtable Training Vault dating from October 2018 to present.

BONUS 2: 1-on-1 CALLS WITH AN AMAZON EXPERT - Two 20-Minute Calls ($394 Value)

  • Schedule a One-on-One call with one of our Amazon Optimization Experts to do a live audit of your product listings

  • Get optimization recommendations on what to change or add to your listings, to improve conversion rate and sales

  • Optimizing your listings is foundational to your Amazon success and will supercharge all the growth strategies you implement

  • Your second call will give you a chance to check in with your Amazon Expert and ask any remaining questions you have after implementing the suggestions you got in your listing optimization call


That's almost $10,000 in value for 1/10th of the price!

The Man. The Millionaire. THE TURNKEY ADVISOR!

​​Ryan Moran is a man with many hats: 8-figure serial entrepreneur, Founder of, host of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, TurnKey Business Partner.


Moran's products generate about $10 million a year, 90% of his sales came from Amazon. He has used what he learned about building a high-revenue business into a  portfolio of them.


We're so excited to have him on TurnKey’s board of advisors. He personally advises TurnKey on Amazon and business strategies. Ryan has officially partnered with TurnKey and recommends TurnKey as his go to Amazon company of choice.

Founder, Jeff Lieber, hanging out at Ryan Moran’s lakehouse, learning from the best!

Hear what Ryan has to say about Jeff and TurnKey

(Spoiler Alert: It's awesome!)

My highest endorsement is to Jeff Lieber over at TurnKey Product Management. I've been hoping for many years that there would be somebody who came to this space who actually got Amazon and could do a good job of managing clients. Jeff is definitely the best that I know, he's the best that I've seen. Jeff's team is better than most entrepreneurs I work with at managing Amazon stores. It's like having a really really good employee at the cost of basically an entry-level employee."

Ryan Daniel Moran




At TurnKey, and we believe that every client counts and we love seeing businesses like yours utilize the tools and strategies from our Business Accelerators to really take their Amazon sales to the next level. That is why we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your results and/or your experience while using our program. If you do not get the value out of it you were expecting, simply email before your 30-day test-drive is over and you will be completely refunded. 

Please keep in mind, a refund means you will no longer have access to your Roundtable Membership, the Training Vault, or any remaining one-on-one calls.



  • At least 5 Videos walking you through each lesson in the module. (Over 6 hours of videos in total)


  • A Detailed SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that explains the strategy in-depth and is perfect for passing along to your team for implementation 


  • A Strategy Worksheet that get you started down the path towards applying the strategy you just learned


  • An End of Module Quiz so you can be sure that you've grasped the concepts that were introduced


  • OVERVIEW - Learn the basics and get a bit of background information on the strategy you'll be learning in the module


  • INITIAL STRATEGY & SETUP - This lesson contains everything you need to understand the strategy and set it up


  • NEXT LEVEL STRATEGY - Make the strategy more advanced and give it a greater impact on your business by amplifying it "The TurnKey Way" (great for sellers who may already be implementing the strategy)


  • EVALUATION & OPTIMIZATION - Analyze the success of your strategy and identify what your next step should be if the strategy went well, or not so well


  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION - Get the answers to questions we commonly hear about the strategy


  • CONCLUSION - Wrap up the module with a brief recap and a quiz to test your understanding and tell us how you feel we did explaining the strategy


  • How to access the feature that lets you create a "Mini Website" on Amazon's Platform


  • The Four Keyword Categories that you need to include so customers can find your listing 


  • Never Second Guess your listing components again with this simple process.


  • Creating product videos that have a Huge Impact on a Small Budget


  • The secret behind running promotions that Keep the Sales Rolling In


  • The advanced competitor analysis technique that lets you See Inside Your Competition's Operation


  • Listing additions that will Set You Apart from you competitors and Make Your Customers Buy


  • How to Maximize the Use of Your Company Assets when creating your listing


  • The strategy you can use to connect with customers and Convert Them Into Raving Fans



So Many Niches & Clients, SO LITTLE TIME!


AT TURNKEY, NO CLIENT IS TOO BIG AND NO NICHE IS TOO SMALL!  We've worked with companies of all sizes from ones founded by professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB to one-man shows with "corporate headquarters" in the basement.


When it comes to Amazon niches, our client managers have seen it all! Since we exclusively work with our clients Amazon accounts, we have amassed an expert-level of experience in the vast majority of niches that exist on Amazon. From supplements, to personal care, to electronics, to grocery and more we've helped our clients succeed in the niches of their choice.


Now you get to benefit from all of our experience! We've included the same strategies we used to make these clients successful into our accelerator!



  • Lifetime access to the Conversion Optimization Accelerator including worksheets, SOPs, and over six hours of instructional videos


  • Lifetime access to the Roundtable Training Vault from October 2018 to February 2020


  • Our 90-Day Conversion Optimization Roadmap to keep your strategies on track


  • 3 Months of Roundtable Group Coaching Membership with 1 call a week and the full Roundtable Training Vault (October 2018 to Present) 


  • Two 1-on-1 Calls with an Amazon Expert (one Listing Optimization call and one follow-up call)



We understand that running a business isn't easy and that staying on budget can be difficult. While $999 isn't something to sneeze at, it is an AMAZING DEAL when you consider the quality of information, quantity of included perks, and the long term financial benefits that are feasible! Take a second to consider the possibilities!

DISCLAIMER: Any reference to or example of, sales results, product success, or otherwise, given by TurnKey is only an estimation of what is demonstrably achievable.  We cannot and do not guarantee success, and TurnKey does not warrant or represent in any way that you will be as successful as our examples. The success rates of various individuals and businesses may be based on more than only the learned methods and coaching provided by TurnKey and can also be attributed to unique application and execution. Please see our full disclaimer in the Terms and Conditions on our website at


Whether our clients have taken advantage of our full-service, coaching, or accelerator products, they are all experiencing the power of the proven systems and strategies that you have access to in this accelerator! Listen on and see what our clients have to say about our methods!



Sales Snapshot

Sales Growth

The Testimonials JUST KEEP COMING


"TurnKey Product Management has tremendously helped our brand, EcoQube, succeed and grow...We decided to buy TurnKey's full course so we could train [our in-house] team quickly...we also joined TurnKey's Inner Circle...allow[ing] us to learn in weeks what we would learn in a few months, or even years, if at all...we couldn't achieve this kind of success as quickly without the help of TurnKey."

Rax Alvarez

Head of Sales, Aqua Design Innovation



"[Jeff] had some really amazing insights into some things I could do on really help increase awareness of my traffic...and build sales...I applied it to my business and I was amazed...The trainings provide so much value and I'm excited to see where they take our Amazon business next."

Georgie Mayhew

Owner, Yoga Brand



"I signed up with the one-on-one coaching and it has been, by far, the best decision I've ever made with my Amazon career...My conversion rate improve conversion rates went up from 10-15% to over 20%! Just from the tweaks Jeff and his team told me to make to my product page!...They really know Amazon...I truly believe in what they are doing!"


Owner, Pet Health Brand

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS!

What modules are included in TurnKey's Conversion optimization Accelerator?

What problem does this solve for my business?

Who is the Conversion Optimization accelerator program for?

Do these strategies apply to International Sellers?

How is this accelerator different from other courses I've purchased?

Are accelerator is NOT A COURSE. It is meant to be a supplement and reference guide for your business. Whether you choose to "read it cover to cover" or just "skim the chapters" you will still get strategies and systems that will improve your business. Each of our module are built to be used as a stand alone strategy ready to be plugged into your business as you have the time and need for it.

Are there any guarantees offered?

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DISCLAIMER: Any reference to or example of, sales results, product success, or otherwise, given by TurnKey is only an estimation of what is demonstrably achievable.  We cannot and do not guarantee success, and TurnKey does not warrant or represent in any way that you will be as successful as our examples. The success rates of various individuals and businesses may be based on more than only the learned methods and coaching provided by TurnKey and can also be attributed to unique application and execution. Please see our full disclaimer in the Terms and Conditions on our website at